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We believe that birth is normal.

God created and designed a woman’s body to be able to give birth without needing intervention in most cases. In our prenatal care, we are walking alongside the mother and her baby, while watching for normal and abnormal pregnancy changes along the way. We are NOT trying to find something wrong, rather we trust pregnancy, the mothers intuition, and the birth process. We are simply present as a safety net if anything requires our skills and equipment. We look forward to the opportunity of guiding your family and watching it grow.

How our Midwifery Care Looks…

Once a client hires us, we begin prenatal care around 10-12 weeks of pregnancy.

We see mom for regularly scheduled 45-minute prenatal visits every 4 weeks until 30-32 weeks of pregnancy.

At 32 weeks, we see the mom every 2 weeks.

At 37 weeks, we meet with the mom and dad at their home to deliver the birth tub (if desired), ensure all is prepared for birth and discuss logistics and preferences, along with a regular prenatal check.

After the home visit, we see mom at the office for prenatal visits weekly until baby is born!

The Morning Star Midwives are on call 24/7 for all clients from pregnancy through 6 weeks postpartum for any urgent medical needs, including and especially LABOR!

After we are contacted by our client in active labor, who is ready for us to be present, we arrive at their home, check that all is well with mom and baby, and set up supplies and equipment.

We support the mom to move freely and birth wherever she desires whether in water, on bed, or elsewhere. We support dad to support mom!

After baby is born, we give mom, baby, and dad space to bond while we monitor and wait for the placenta to birth.

After the placenta is born (and cord has stopped pulsing), we help dad (or whoever wants to) to cut the cord.

We get mom, baby and dad settled in bed, and baby breastfeeding. Our midwife team cleans up everything.

Approximately one hour after the birth, we do a complete newborn exam including weighing, measuring, and doing footprints for baby.

Approximately two hours after the birth, when everyone is well and all is in order, the midwife team will say a prayer in thanksgiving and depart the home!

The Morning Star Midwives remain on call 24/7 for all clients immediately after the birth for any urgent medical concerns for mom or baby through 6 weeks postpartum.

24-48 hours after the birth, one of the midwives will visit the mom and baby at their home.

The midwife will check on the health and well-being of both mother and baby. Including doing a heart screening, for baby, and the metabolic screening by taking 5 drops of blood from the baby’s heel.

2 weeks after the birth, mom and baby will come into the clinic office for their second postpartum visit. We will ensure normal newborn weight gain at this time, and check on the well-being of both mom and baby.

6 weeks after the birth, mom and baby will come in for their last visit at the clinic. We will check on both mom and baby, give any referrals as needed for continued care with a pediatrician or otherwise, and say our good-byes (or rather see-you-laters)!

Morning Star Midwife Team

Jana Johnston's picture

Jana Johnston

Certified Professional Midwife

Jana is a direct-entry midwife nationally certified through the North American Registry of Midwives (NARM) as a Certified Professional Midwife as of 2020. Before becoming a midwife, she served many families as a doula certified through the Childbirth and Postpartum Professional Association (CAPPA) and childbirth educator trained through Bastyr University Simkin Center. Her midwifery clinical experience was completed through apprenticeship working with 8 different midwives over the course of 5 years (2015-2020). She completed her academic work with Mercy in Action midwifery school in November 2019. Since 2012, she has attended more than 400 births as a doula, midwife assistant, or primary midwife.

She is certified and remains current in adult/pediatric CPR and neonatal resuscitation. As well as continually participating in midwifery training workshops, conferences, and other educational opportunities to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) required for maintaining CPM certification. She is trained to provide care for a healthy woman and a healthy baby through normal low-risk pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and newborn up to 6 weeks old.

Margaret LaMothe's picture

Margaret LaMothe

Assistant Midwife

Margaret goes by Maggie. She grew up as a middle child in a family of ten. Birth and children have always been a huge part of her life and taking care of her younger siblings and nephews and nieces gave her a passion to study birth. Her midwifery journey began when she moved to the Philippines in 2018 to help at a birth center clinic for five months. She hasn't looked back since!

In 2019, she enrolled in midwifery school with The National Midwifery Institute and started an apprenticeship in Kansas City. For the last 3 years, she has been working with two midwives in Kansas City participating in prenatals, births, and postpartum visits to complete requirements to become a certified professional midwife. She has a background in the medical field practicing for 5 years (2017-2021) as a Certified Nurse Aid (CNA) and a Certified Medication Aid (CMA) both of which were obtained through Highland Community College. She holds a certificate in neonatal resuscitation, CPR, which is renewed every 2 years, and became a certified doula through the GEM Midwifery Academy in 2021.

Valerie Shaw's picture

Valerie Shaw

Assistant Midwife

Valerie is a mother of 10. Yes, ten beautiful, fun, and energetic children. She and her wonderful husband of 18 years, are natives of The Great State of Texas. After eight adventurous years of being a Marine military wife in Washington, DC, they relocated to the Sunflower State of Kansas to be closer to church and family.

Along the way, she got certified in the Bradley Method and began teaching Childbirth Education Classes, and has currently taught for over 12 years. She certified as a doula in 2011 and has had the honor of gaining invaluable hands-on experience during her 10 years of being a certified practicing doula. In 2019, she began attending births as a Midwife Assistant. Assisting midwives, gave her the spark to pursue midwifery education, leading her to enroll in midwifery school with Ancient Art Midwifery Institute in 2020. She is now working towards becoming a Certified Professional Midwife. She has a Bachelor's Degree from Texas State University in Early Childhood Education (2005). She is certified and remains current in adult/pediatric CPR and neonatal resuscitation, The Bradley Method of Childbirth and holds current doula certification through the American Academy of Husband Coached Childbirth.